International Memorial Day Workers

Workers Memorial Day 2020

Each year more people are killed at work than in battles. Most don’t die of mystery diseases, or in tragic “accidents.” They die because an executive decided their safety just wasn’t that important a priority. Workers‚Memorial Day (WMD), commemorates those workers. Workers Memorial Day, April 28, was placed to identify workers who died or suffered … Read more International Memorial Day Workers

International Labor Day’s Theme 2021

International Labor Day 2020

International Labor Day is utilized to dedicate to give the Labors their rights to work for only 8 hours per day. It gives Labor help from the pressure and burden from loads of exercises to be acted in a single day. There are heaps of individuals who can potentially make loads of focuses to satisfy … Read more International Labor Day’s Theme 2021

What is International Workers’ Day?

May 1 Labor Day | International Labor day

Find out the history of May Day and what kind of protests and celebrations can be expected this year Every year on May 1, people over the globe take to the streets to celebrate International Workers’ Day or May Day.  In dozens of countries, May Day is an official holiday, and for labor rights campaigners, … Read more What is International Workers’ Day?